Captain Blasteroid
Captain Blasteroid
Captain Blasteroid's bare face
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Captain Blasteroid

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Blasteroid Blues

Captain Blasteroid is the hero from Coop and Dennis' favorite TV show. Coop frequently wants his dad Burt to buy him everything Captain Blasteroid related, like the bubble-helmet. He plays a big role in Blasteroid Blues.


Captain is normally a military rank. It is unclear if that is the case here or if Captain is actually his forename.

Blasteroid is a portmanteau of "blaster" and "asteroid".

Closed captions often mistakenly tell the deaf it is spelled "Blastoid".

TV guide descriptions also mistakenly abbreviate it as "Blasto".



  • He is related to Old Lady Munson
  • He is in comic books, movies and TV shows in Bootsville
  • Quite a lot of kids love his TV show, as shown in Blasteroid Blues .

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