Erin Mathews is a theatre and voice actor from Vancouver, Canada. Born May 28, 1977.

She plays Coop Burtonburger on Kid vs Kat. Other credits include, Geronimo Stilton (Benjamin), A Kind of Magic (Tom), My Little Pony (Lily Lightly and Toola Roola), Zhu Zhu Pets (Num Nums), Yes! Pretty Cure 5 (english dub, Lynne), Power Puff Girls Z (Kasey), Action Dad, Yummiland (Veronica Vanilla Almond), Heroes and Monsters (Eddie, Deranged Cheerleader), GeoFreakZ (Freakachu), Barbie - Fairytopia (Rani), My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic and Dinosaur Train.

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