This page shows the errors of Kid vs. Kat. This section finds the errors.

I'm Okay, You're A Kat

  • The Coop's pants turned dark blue to light
  • The dirt that was on Mr. Cat disappears later when he entered the house.

Let The Games Begin

  • The line of the ball Coop turned dark red to black
  • As the Coop looks at Mr. Kat, Coop's mouth disappears
  • As the Coop runs to scare Mr. Kat, teeth disappear Coop
  • In the scene that Millie was holding Mr. Kat, the flower of her dress disappears
  • When Millie cries, appears with a square brown near the ear of Millie
  • The shoe's Coop was deep in mud during the episode he was with shoe
  • Part of the scene that tells Millie's name to Mr. Kat Mrs. Munson, he gets fat

Stall That Jazz

Kid Vs Kat 1-25-1 (244)
  • In the scene that Millie is going to the Coop near the microphone, tie it disappears

One Big Happy Family

  • In the scene that Burt drew the chalk it was there but when burt tries to move the totem pole the chalk dissapered but when coop said "Sorry Dad!" the chalk was there

Do Not Fort Sake Me

  • In the title card the sign said "No Kats" but in the episode it shows a picture of Mr. Kat with Mille
Kid Vs Kat 1-3-1 (1)


Kid Vs Kat 1-3-1 (56)


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