note: may possibly move to Estelle's mother

The purse-snatchee describes a victim of purse-snatching in When Bad Dogs Go Big who is aided by Burt when he trips the mugger after she shouts -Stop thief! Help!-

She might also be described as an owl lady as she is seen with a pet owl in Kat Whisperer.

It is not known who does her voice.

She has short brown hair and wears glasses, like her daughter.

She appears to be the mother of the twin in the class of Coop, waiting with her in line at parent-teacher day in Dire Education. This may be Estelle making this lady Estelle's mother'.

In Swap Wrecked she is wearing a green t-shirt with a brown skirt on the right side of the screen sitting 4th row from the bottom (feet on 3rd) as she cheers for her daughter who is in the competition.

In Kickin' Butler she is one of three truck drivers transporting Fishy Frisky Bits who is sucked into a portal by Kat, she and her 2 male co-workers are expelled soon after.

Season 1

Dire Education

Kat Whisperer

Hack Kattack

When Bad Dogs Go Big


Season 2

Kickin' Butler

Image needed of her driving truck.

Swap Wrecked


Hot Dog Day

Standing outside school with daughter as Coop enters.

Kat of Diamonds

When Millie is outside a jewelry shop with Burt, outside the snatchee can be seen walking with the curly-haired Blasteroid fangirl.

Rhymes with Coop

Resting under an umbrella as Estelle plays volleyball

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