Stary Jean (Star) is Kat's long lost seemingly bubbly, agresive, little sister, Thought to be left on Catnip When it was destroyed, Jean lives in the slums of the Kat civilization. During her home planets destruction Jean hit her head in the chaos causeing a star shaped scar on her head and the loss of most of her memory. Due to the star on her head she then calls herself Star, and desides to try and make a new life for herself. Thinking his beloved sister has died, Kat went on to join the komanders army, unknowing of his siblings true fate. Star is apart of a resistance organization called "The KCS" The Komander Can Suck it. She works as a vigalanty and is always saving someone from the Kommander's grasp as the mysterious red fish tail. However when she is finally discoverd, Star flees to Earth in search of protection. When she's not being a criminal Star is usualy seen writing poetry or drawing pictures in her book, usualy of things that had already happened. She is very nieve and is always looking on the bright side of things, on top of that she is not known to hold a gruge and only dose when she is truly mad, at which time she show a colder side of her personality.

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