The descriptor freakiest thing Coop's ever seen is derived from Coop Burtonburger saying "that's the freakiest thing I've ever seen" in Who's Haunting Who? about this entity.

It is formed by the merger of six Kat alien soldiers when sent through the teleporter jnder threat of disintegration from The Kat Kommander's eye beams. Closed captions describe it as having a "six-toned yowl".

4 heads are visible on the front. One head is in the normal place, one is in the belly, one is on the left pec and one is on the right pec. 3 heads are visible from the back for a total of 7, 1 more than it started with.

A partial 8th head also exists on the posterior underside. Kat accidentally pokes this while pushing it. Burt describes it as having "eyes on its butt" though he mistakes it for the ghost of Left Hook LeBoot.

It has 6 visible arms. The top and bottom head have a pair of arms beside them while the two chest heads have 1 arm each adjacent to them. There is also 2 pairs of legs on the bottom for a total of 10 limbs, 13 if counting the 3 tails.

Kat Kommander appears pleased by this result.

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