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26-2 - It's A Rocket, Man
Season №: 1
Season episode №: 25B
Overall episode №: 50
Prod. no. 126
Original airdate: October 17, 2009
Director Rob Boutilier

Josh Mepham

Written by Roger Fredericks
Storyboard: Kervin Faria
Animation: Tom McKenna, Charles McKenna, Bernard Wong, David Wiebe
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"It's a Rocket, Man" is the 25th episode of Kid vs. Kat and the 25th episode of Season 1. It aired on October 17, 2009 after Hack Kattack.

Plot Summary

Coop joins the Bootsville Rocket Club and with a little secret help from Kat, he's soon the star member. When Coop learns Kat is using his rocket to destroy a satellite, the only way Coop can stop him is to sabotage his own record-breaking flight.

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