• It not me, it my Sisters evil kat! ~ Coop
  • A chance to play with rocks? count me in! ~ Lorne
  • To bad we only count the distance traveled up. ~ Scientist
  • Coop: I should've known you were behind this, whatever it is your up to, and here, and now.
  • Coop: Your trying to blow up that satellite.
  • Coop: Your not blowing up anything, that's my rocket.
  • Coop: Woa, hey, woa. Lousy Kat.
  • Coop: Beats me too.
  • Scientist: That satellite is going to have to stay up there for a few more years.
  • Coop: Ya don't say.
  • Kat: Meow, wow, wow.
  • Millie: Coop, when are you going to launch your rocket?

Hack Kattack /// It's a Rocket, Man's Quotes \\\ Kid Vs Kat Vs Christmas Part 1

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