Millie room

Kat's scratching post was a background decoration until the episode Trash Talking, when it was found out to be a massive, mammoth, lair. There is lots of different rooms inside of it. Coop & Dennis is able to fit in it. 



  • This is similar to the "TARDIS" in the British television show "Doctor Who".
  • In the "Trash Talking" episode Millie tried to throw away Kat 's lair, even when Coop and Dennis  were still inside it.
  • In the background of one of the lairs' rooms, there is a picture of both Kat and Perry from "Phineas and Ferb".
  • The lair might be something that Millie  brought for Kat and Kat has upgraded it making it much bigger also making it hard to get in for some people.

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