welcome to the rules of the wiki, please follow the rules below

All User

  1. Treat A User As Yourself - treat all user with respect and care, don't be nasty to anyone
  2. No Swearing - Don't swear anywhere on site.
  3. No Spamming - Don't spam of fill up talks with junk text.
  4. No Copyright - Never steal any images or text from any fan site.
  5. Fans And Users if a user is a fan or not never treat them any differently.
  6. False Content don't put false content on KvK Wikia (ex: Season 2)


  1. No Locking Without Reason - No administrator may lock articles without a reason.
  2. No Banning Without Reason - No administrator may ban without a good reason.
  3. No Deleting Userpages - No administrator may deleted a userpage ever.
  4. No Image Unlike Image Removing - don't remove images just because you hate it.


  1. 1st Warning - give the user some hints and tips
  2. 2nd warning - keep user on watch for 1 week
  3. 3rd warning - Discussion about ban
  4. final warning - ban for 1 week


if a user attacks the wiki the user will receive a 1 warning and if continued a month ban can be applied with a talk from all admins.

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