Parsonsda is one of the wiki's great users who continues to make the Wiki one of the most comprehensive information resources for Kid Vs Kat on the web. His contributions range many areas, from large article expansions to anti-vandal work. Parsonsda also takes part in many community discussions and always has something worthwhile to say. [user page] – [talk page]

Kidvskatlover has been a member of Wikia since November of 2009 and has contributed greatly to many aspects of this wiki. He has not only participated to many community discussions, he has also fixed errors in hundreds of pages, from factual inconsistencies to spelling mistakes. He was also applauded for his great efforts when he was voted in as one of the wiki's newest admins. [user page] – [talk page]

HugeKidvsKatFan is one of the wiki's more quiet, but very valuable members. His edits range from content-adding to articles, to the all-important editing of grammatical and spelling errors. Although he is not known for his Yew Grove edits, he is still very well known by the community, as his name is a common occurrence in the Recent Changes, and users can always trust that each and every one benefits the wiki![user page] – [talk page]