The king of England is mentioned by Mrs. Munson in Down the Creek, saying she saved him from a marauding band of rabid dodo birds.

After Munson leaves, Millie comments to Kat that she has a vivid imagination, and implies that this and her other stories are "totally made up".

Millie might be wrong though, as a glimpse inside Munson's home shows a picture on her wall of her in armor (with a red cross on the breastplate) lifting a bearded brown-haired man wearing a crown overhead as 2 birds attack.

Other pictures confirm her planting a flag on Mount Bootsville (though how a picture was taken when it supposedly shattered right after raises questions) and another shows her being bitten by 4 cave-kids who resemble Coop, Lorne, Dennis and Harl.

There is also a picture of her as a sheriff on the wall and (not a picture) presumably the stuffed corpse of Bigfoot standing on her floor.


Dodos are estimated to have gone extinct in the 17th century indicating some possible explanations:

  • Dodos have not gone extinct in this timeline
  • Munson is centuries old
  • Munson is a time traveler
  • The woman in the photo is not her but someone who resembles her
  • The photo is faked to convince visitors of her story
  • The birds are some other breed other than Dodo and Munson mistook their breed

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