Mabel runs Mabel's Menagerie, a pet kennel that Kat stays at in Hit the Road.


She has brown eyebrows and orange hair tied into a ponytail with a light turquoise scrunchy, the same color as the short sleeves on her shirt, though the body of it is a light blue like her socks. Her dark turquoise shorts are held up by a black belt (like her shoes, pupils and eyebrows) clasped with a buckle as yellow as the label on the left side of her shirt.

She sleeps barefoot in a nightdress that is light-green on the lower half, medium-green on the chest and long sleeves, bordered by dark green frills. She uses pink curlers to hold her hair in place as she sleeps and is wearing them when she is woken by the noises of the animals Kat breaks out of her prison.


When Burt asks about the other ranger who used to work at Lake Winnegabbagoo the remaining ranger Glenn has a flashback to "the incident" when Mabel was younger and mauled by a gang of animals who dropped her off a cliff.


She acts nicely until the Burtonburgers leave, then she drops the act.


In Good Luck Harm she is shown dressed in he ranger outfit in a fantasy Kat has about wearing flying armor.


It is not het known who voices her.

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