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For the feline, see Chubby Cheeks
Mr. Cheeks
Mr. Cheeks with Lorne
Full name

Mr. Cheeks

First appearance

Cheeks of Evil

Played by

Christopher Gaze

Last appearance

The Kat Went Back Part Two

Mr Cheeks is an hamster that first appeared in the season 2 episode Cheeks of Evil and again in Turn the Other Cheeks and Strange Kat on a Train.

After luring the Burtonburgers he was defeated and last seen on Earth being carried off by an Eagle.

He was last seen in the series in jail on Kat Nebula for unknown reasons. Like Coop, he was perceived as being enough of a threat to chain up suspended in mid-air within his cell (the other humans were free to move in theirs). Coop nicknames him Houdini when he fails to struggle free.

He can speak English unlike other aliens (besides Dr. K).

He wants to get rid of Mr. Kat, the Burtonburgers and Lorne and Harley.


The technology of Mr. Screech's home-planet is quite advanced and is able to compete with Kat's.

He showed Lorne and Harley how to make a machine that makes small black holes. He calls it a 'Quantum micro event horizatron' or in laymen's terms: a Baby Black Hole Maker.





Señor cachetesengatunus-

He in jail

  • Cheeks of Evil was leaked on Disney XD on September 18, 2010, while Flea Brains/Menace the Dennis was shown on YTV, officially the episode was leaked one week earlier.
  • He always puts his finger near his month. The reason for this is currently unknown.
  • He is believed to be a look a like of the YouTube creation Silver, due to his hair.
  • He appears again in Turn the Other Cheeks.
  • He is the official mascot of the wikia.

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