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When we released the Forums in 2009 i thought the be used regally but 2 weeks ago i saw them in bad shape, so i set to work on forums like no other, something that has more colour , more forums, easy to use, and most importantly forums that where enjoyable, now there here, my biggest work yet, the kid vs kat official forums!

The big forums

New Look Forums


  • first thing first you need to see the site, it is accessible by the side menu and also by Clicking Here

What's So New About It?Edit

  • Everything! the new forums has fun and games , and even a chat box there so much i cant tell you all of it, but the main things are the polls, event ,user info and point system!

Point System?Edit

  • yes, this is shown under your avatar when posting a forum! you get 1 point for every reply you post 3 for every topic 50 if you invite a friend , and 100 if i think you working great! this is a easier way of telling who working hard, you also get help point for helping other users.

Can I User My Wikia Account?Edit

  • No, you need a new account, account creation take 5 min, you may use you wikia name if you like, but please don't use you wikia password, because i can see them , and i don't wanna one day loose my wikia account and use yours.

What Else Should I Know?Edit

  • easy rules, no swearing , no giving away passwords stuff l

ike that, there is a word blocked build into the site, im putting any bad word into it so you wont see them on site, tho it may take a while, the site can also change theme so don't worry if you thing your on the wrong site, it just to keep the site nice, we even have snow at Christmas.

Will This Help Me With The Kid Vs Kat Show?Edit

  • yes, we got a calender so when season 2 comes you know, also ill be adding forums if i get any news on that.

What If I Get Tired Of Talking About Kid Vs Kat?Edit

  • we got a off topic area for a place you can just chat, feel free to check it out.

Will There Be New Things On This ForumsEdit

  • yes, we got games coming soon, and emote-a-cons to make you post nice, ill add things overtime, but don't worry about it not being updated ill check on it everyday, so enjoy the forums.


-- 17:09, January 10, 2010 (UTC)

Other NewsEdit

  • Darkchao700 has now become a rollback
  • Kats Image has been update all over the site, even the main one has
  • The Remote has been added to all video so then you get a random video all the time

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