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Other News

  • My Kat section has been added to the gallery to show off your mad cat.
  • the timer has been set to the correct date.
  • we added more help on the help tab including transparency and shadows!
  • all the Games link have been corrected so they now go to Disney XD.
  • Music has been added to the site.
  • we added a new extension to music files so you can play them on the page as well as download them!
  • All the site bugs have been fixed
  • the logo and the kid vs kat logo has now had a white fill to fix it.
  • we got data that there will 100% be season 2 this year, it shown on the Disney XD advert
  • Kat and Kats Girlfriend will soon be moved due to season 2 when kat talks
  • the sites browser icon has been made transparent
  • Applications can now be download with are first ever download, the official Disney XD Desktop Tool.

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