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  • This episode is important in that it shows how Coop cares about Kat more than he used to, since he felt sorry for him in the end, and it's also important because it shows the difference between Molly and Millie; Millie, unlike most little girls, is very accepting of strange things and can love Kat even though he's different.
  • Kat tries to bond with a new owner, but after being given a bath by her, he becomes furious with her and runs away, even though he never ran away from Millie when she gave him a bath. This, along with him running back to her in the end, proves that Kat loves Millie as part of his family.
  • Dennis and Old Lady Munson appear very briefly when we see how is Coop's life without Kat, but they don't appear for the rest of the episode.

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