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Broadcast Dates

Season Episodes Opening Debut Ending Debut
2 26 September 11, 2010 June 4, 2011

Cover Season Release Date Stores
Season 2 Cover Season 2 September 11, 2010 iTunes

Coop 's adventures continue as he finds new ways to prove that his sister's tiny hairless cat is an evil alien bent on destroying him. While Kat is creating and implementing new diabolical plans, Coop can be found protecting his new found crush, campaigning to humiliate Kat, and attempting to prevent Kat's evil plans, like the one to turn Bootsvillie's entire water supply into milk.

Title Screen Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes #
Kid Vs Kat "Introduction" September 11, 2010 --- - 52
The Slightly update Season 2 Introduction, includes the characters: Kat, Coop, Millie, Old Lady Munson, Burt, Dennis, and Fiona. Youtube Link Logo


Title Screen Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes #
27-1 - Something About Fiona "Something about Fiona" September 11, 2010 201 1A 53
Coop falls for Old Lady Munson’s niece Fiona, and Kat does everything he can to make Coop look bad. Youtube Link Logo
27-2 - Tickled Pink "Tickled Pink" September 11, 2010 201 1B 54
When Millie tickles Mr. Kat's tickle spot he goes into a blissful state that quickly anger's Kat's boss. So, Kat's boss sends out a robot to destroy Millie; Coop, Kat, and Dennis must work together, and stop the robot from destroying Millie and themselves. Youtube Link Logo
28-1 - Flea Brains "Flea Brains" September 18, 2010 202 2A 55
Kat's swarm of flea-sized mind control robots hop into the ears of the people of Bootsville and soon they all want to destroy Coop. What will Coop do to save himself from being destroyed by the people, get the flea-sized mind controls out of their ears, and save everyone? Youtube Link Logo
28-2 - Menace The Dennis "Menace the Dennis" September 18, 2010 202 2B 56
With Coop out of town, Kat plots to turn Bootsville's water into milk and Dennis comes to the rescue with his grandmother's tabasco sauce. Youtube Link Logo
29-1 - Cheeks Of Evil "Cheeks of Evil" September 25, 2010 203 3A 57
Millie brings home the class hamster, Mr. Cheeks. Turns out that Mr. Cheeks is an evil alien, just like Kat, and Kat and Mr. Cheeks are enemies. Can Kat save the whole world from being invaded by Mr. Cheeks? Youtube Link Logo
29-2 - Reap It And Weep "Reap it and Weep" September 25, 2010 203 3B 58
When Kat uses his growth ray to bury Bootsville in a catnip jungle Coop is blamed by the irate Bootsville Gardening Club. Youtube Link Logo
30-1 - Blasteroid Blues "Blasteroid Blues" October 2, 2010 204 4A 59
Kat Kommander gets scared of Captain Blasteroid, and orders a big laser gun to destroy Massive Mart, so Coop tries to stop the destruction of Massive Mart. Youtube Link Logo
30-2 - Rat A Phooey "Rat a Phooey" October 2, 2010 204 4B 60
Kat builds a Rat-ray gun, which he plans on using to turn Coop into a rat, but Dad gets zapped instead, so Coop hopes he can change Dad back... If he can catch him first. Youtube Link Logo
31-1 - Trash Talking "Trash Talking" October 9, 2010 205 5A 61
Coop and Dennis climb inside Kat's scratching post and discover Kat's alien technology has created an infinity within. Youtube Link Logo
31-2 - Over The Radar "Over the Radar" October 9, 2010 205 5B 62
Coop, Millie, and dad are taken away to a top secret base to be interrogated, after a UFO investigator suspects they are aliens; Kat and Dennis must rescue Coop, Millie, and Dad, before it's too late. Youtube Link Logo
32-1 - 'Nuff Said "Nuff Said" October 16, 2010 206 6A 63
Coop decides to let Kat have free rein to cause whatever destruction he wants. When Dennis sees Kat doing something big, will Coop save the whole world from Kat, or let Kat get away with invading the whole world? Youtube Link Logo
32-2 - Rhymes With Coop "Rhymes with Coop" October 16, 2010 206 6B 64
Due to an 'over-loading' problem on the Kat Nebula, Kat plots to turn Bootsville Beach into a giant litter box, so Coop and Dennis must stop it, before it all covers the whole beach. Youtube Link Logo
33-1 - Bringin The Heat "Bringin' the Heat" October 23, 2010 207 7A 65
Kat's devious magnifier satellite is causing a dangerous autumn heat wave in Bootsville. Can Coop and Dennis stop Kat from causing the dangerous heat wave? Youtube Link Logo
33-2 - The Three Aarghs "The Three Aarghs" October 23, 2010 207 7B 66
Coop and Dennis compete with one another to reduce their carbon footprints to get a bike, but Kat uses a ton of killowats of energy, just so he can watch T.V. from his home planet. Youtube Link Logo
34-1 - Kat To The Future Part One "Kat to the Future Part 1" November 6, 2010 208 8A 67
Coop uses Kat’s time machine to go back to the Past and stop Millie from bringing Kat home, but ends up altering the future for the worse. Youtube Link Logo
34-2 - Kat To The Future Part Two "Kat to the Future Part 2" November 6, 2010 208 8B 68
Coop tries to undo the Kat invasion, which he brought about by fooling with Kat's time machine. Will Coop be able to undo the Kat invasion, and get back to the present before it's too late? Youtube Link Logo
35-1 - Down The Drain "Down the Drain" November 13, 2010 209 9A 69
Coop becomes Dennis' wing-man for a change, as they go in search of the 'sewer-croc-baby'. Meanwhile, Kat goes into the drain also to get his experiment that blasts through things, and runs into the 'sewer-croc-baby'. Youtube Link Logo
35-2 - 9 To 5 To Oblivion "9 to 5 to Oblivion" November 13, 2010 209 9B 70
Coop breaks every window in Dennis' house, and is forced to work off his debt by working in Henry's store; Kat creates a satellite to help his boss, but Coop must stop Kat. Youtube Link Logo
36-1 - When Bad Dogs Go Big "When Bad Dogs Go Big" November 20, 2010 210 10A 71
Growler swallows a Kat device which makes him grow to the size of a T-Rex. Kat wants to get the device out of Growler, but Coop and Dennis try to stop Kat, and destroy the device. Youtube Link Logo
36-2 - The Botty Guard "The Bottyguard" November 20, 2010 210 10B 72
Kat's malfunctioning spybot thinks Coop is its new master, and wants to protect him from Kat, but when the spybot goes out of control, Coop and Kat must work together to stop the spybot. Youtube Link Logo
37-1 - Rebel With A Claw "Rebel with a Claw" November 27, 2010 211 11A 73
The Kat Kommander’s rebellious son runs away to Earth, where he becomes a handful for Kat, and a danger to the human race. Youtube Link Logo
37-2 - Swap Wrecked "Swap Wrecked" November 27, 2010 211 11B 74
Dad accidentally swaps an assortment of Kat's weapons to the unwitting residents of Bootsville. Youtube Link Logo
38-1 - Hit The Road "Hit the Road" December 4, 2010 212 12A 75
Kat is left at a kennel while the Burtonburgers go on vacation. Youtube Link Logo
38-2 - Never Cry Sheep "Never Cry Sheep" December 4, 2010 212 12B 76
Kat becomes obsessed with making the biggest yarn ball ever made, and starts abducting sheep to gather their wool. Youtube Link Logo
39-1 - Kickin' Butler "Kickin' Butler" December 11, 2010 213 13A 77
Dennis is accidentally knocked into a portal that sends him around the world, thanks to one of Kat's devices. In order to get Kat to bring him back, Coop becomes his butler. Youtube Link Logo
39-2 - You Kat See Me "You Kat See Me" December 11, 2010 213 13B 78
Kat makes himself invisible and causes trouble for Coop on the night he invites Fiona to dinner, and when Dad invites Coop's teacher over for dinner. Youtube Link Logo
40-1 - Keep On Rockin' "Keep On Rockin'" March 12, 2011 215 14A 79
Coop's grandparents visit, so Dad buys them rocking chairs. However, it turns out they are adventure junkies who accept that Kat is an alien. Youtube Link Logo
40-2 - It's In The Bag "It's In The Bag" March 12, 2011 215 14B 80
The Fishy Frisky Bits factory loses the recipe for Kat's favorite food, so Coop buys the last bag to taunt Kat. Youtube Link Logo
41-1 - King Of The Pipsqueaks "King of the Pipsqueaks" March 19, 2011 216 15A 81
Kat's new invention makes Old Lady Munson's gnomes come to life, and they choose Coop as a leader because Coop have a cone stuck on his head, that makes him look like a gnome. What will their new king do? Youtube Link Logo
41-2 - Down The Creek "Down the Creek" March 19, 2011 216 15B 82
Old Lady Munson tells Millie creative stories about her adventures in the past. Youtube Link Logo
Turn the Other Cheeks title card "Turn the Other Cheeks" March 26, 2011 217 16A 83
Mr. Cheeks come back to revenge Mr. Kat, but Lorne and Harley got him to help them in the homework. Meanwhile, Millie wants to get a "First aid" medal, with help from Kat; Coop and Dennis go to rocket science camp. Youtube Link Logo
Birthday Bashed title card "Birthday Bashed" March 26, 2011 217 16B 84
Coop's 11th birthday is here, and everyone is coming to his party, and Phoebe is trying to get rid of Fiona so she can have Coop to herself. Meanwhile, Kat is trying to enjoy a virtual picnic in a secluded spot with his girlfriend, but the kids keep crashing Coop's birthday. Youtube Link Logo
Mind Games title card "Mind Games" April 2, 2011 218 17A 85
Dad orders Coop to spend more quality time with his little sister; Kat builds a telepathy helmet. Youtube Link Logo
Strange Kat On A Train title card "Strange Kat on a Train" April 2, 2011 218 17B 86
Coop goes on a train to buy something from a man named Old Herman, Unfortunately it turns out to be the evil alien hamster, Mr. Cheeks. When the train leaves the desert without Coop and Kat on it, they must find a way to get back on the train to get back home. Can Coop and Kat stop Mr. Cheeks from making the train crash, and eliminating everyone? Youtube Link Logo
44-1 - Board Kat "Board Kat" April 5, 2011 214 18A 87
Coop and Kat fight over the animal's new lightning box generator and end up swapping brains. Youtube Link Logo
40-2 - The Treasure Of Sierra Munson "The Treasure of Sierra Munson" April 5, 2011 214 18B 88
Coop discovers buried treasure under Old Lady Munson's house, and all the kids in Bootsville want to get the treasure. Youtube Link Logo
45-1 - Fangs For The Memories "Fangs for the Memories" April 9, 2011 219 19A 89
Kat’s memory eraser leads to Coop forgetting Kat is an evil alien, but dad accidentally gets Coop’s lost memories, and suddenly knows the truth about Kat. Youtube Link Logo
45-2 - Drive-In Me Crazy "Drive-In Me Crazy" April 9, 2011 219 19B 90
Kat builds a device that brings an assortment of movie monsters to life; Coop and Dennis must stop the monsters from destroying everything and everyone in Bootsville. Youtube Link Logo
46-1 - Hair Brains "Hair Brains" April 16, 2011 220 20A 91
Kat coughs up a trio of living hairballs, which he orders them to attack Coop and Dennis. When the hairballs get out of hand, Coop, Kat, and Dennis must stop the hairballs from destroying the whole world. Youtube Link Logo
46-2 - Hot Dog Day "Hot Dog Day" April 16, 2011 220 20B 92
It’s Hot Dog Day, and Coop has the honor of being named Keeper of the Weiner Water, but Kat wants to ruin the most special day of the year. Youtube Link Logo
47-1 - Amazing Feet Of Strength "Amazing Feet of Strength" April 23, 2011 221 21A 93
Kat soups up Coop’s new soccer shoes to allow the wearer to run faster and jump higher, and Coop wears the shoes in the championship game. Youtube Link Logo
47-2 - Me Coop, You Kat "Me Coop, You Kat" April 23, 2011 221 21B 94
Kat turns Coop into a cave man, hoping his lowered I.Q. will make him easier to outsmart. Now Dennis must change Coop back to human. Youtube Link Logo
48-1 - You Scream, I Scream "You Scream, I Scream" April 30, 2011 222 22A 95
Coop takes on the teen aged bully who pedals the Curly Swirl Ice Cream cart, and forgets to pay attention to Kat's latest evil plans. Will Coop forget all about the teen aged bully, and stop Kat with his evil plans? Youtube Link Logo
48-2 - Good Luck Harm "Good Luck Harm" April 30, 2011 222 22B 96
Kat makes a high-powered good luck charm, which means bad luck for Coop. So, how will Coop stop Kat and destroy the good luck charm before it's too late? Youtube Link Logo
49-1 - Bootsville's Most Wanted "Bootsville's Most Wanted" May 7, 2011 223 23A 97
Buck Diamond, Animal Protection Officer declares Coop "Bootsville's Most Wanted". Youtube Link Logo
49-2 - Kat Of Diamonds "Kat of Diamonds" May 7, 2011 223 23B 98
Coop and Fiona have to settle their argument before they can work together to stop Kat in his evil tracks. Youtube Link Logo
50-1 - Coop D'Etat "Coop D'Etat" May 14, 2011 224 24A 99
Kat and Old Lady Munson show up at school to torment Coop; Kat wants to steal the satellite from Bootsville's Museum, but Coop must stop Kat from stealing the satellite. Youtube Link Logo
50-2 - The Incredible Shrinking Coop "The Incredible Shrinking Coop" May 14, 2011 224 24B 100
Kat shrinks Coop and Dennis down to the size of a flee, and tries to squash them like bugs, which makes it hard for Coop to do something big for dad for Father's Day. Youtube Link Logo
51-1 - Who's Haunting Who "Who's Haunting Who?" May 21, 2011 225 25A 101
Kat thinks the haunted LeBoot Mansion will be the perfect place for an inter-space teleporter. Now Coop and Dennis must destroy the teleporter. Youtube Link Logo
51-2 - It's All In Your Head "It's All In Your Head" May 21, 2011 225 25B 102
Kat controls the mind of Agent Napolitan, but his plan backfires when some squirrels attack him. Youtube Link Logo
52-1 - The Kat Went Back Part One "The Kat Went Back Part 1" June 4, 2011 226 26A 103
When Kat is fired for incompetence the Robo-Kat-Kops are sent to take him home also to capture Coop, Dennis, Fiona, Millie, Lorne, and Harley, and take them to the Kat Planet. Youtube Link Logo
52-2 - The Kat Went Back Part Two "The Kat Went Back Part 2" June 4, 2011 226 26B 104
Coop and the rest of the kids need Kat’s help to escape Kat Planet. Will he give it? Youtube Link Logo

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