Silver was created by Barbara Chamorro on YouTube; she does a comic called "Kid vs. Kat; The little information we have on Silver is that he is, like Kat, a Catnipian, alien-cyborg cat only he is also half dog and it´s possible that he's one of Kat´s siblings. Silver has silvery-gray skin, black eyes, and spiky silver hair that's wrapped in a headband (the one on right, imposter on the left) he was abandoned as a kitten and found by the Catnipian Leader, Kat's Father. Kat's Father found young Silver and decided to raise him as well as Kat, which is his son. Silver and Kat did not get along because Kat always bullied him around (so even as a kitten, Kat was still his same old destructive-troublemaking self, that's no surprise!).

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Gaomon t

Silver appears to looks identical to the character Gaomon who is a fictional character from the Digimon franchise. and appears in the show Digimon Data Squad anime series.

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