• The two police officers are said to be in car 12 by the rookie
  • Burt exclaims "officer Huffleman! and while it is not clear which of the two he is addressing, it is probably the moustached Senior officer who is first to speak
    • moustache officer later says to the rookie "don't even go there Pinecourt though it is not clear if that is his first or last name
  • The name of the spectacled moustached ginger is revealed
    • in Dennis' version after saying "there wasn't a friendly soul in sight" he drives by saying "morning boys!" and Coop and Dennis reply in unison "morning Mister Dubowski!"
    • he shows up a the end saying he forgot to set the e-break on his sidewalk sweeper
    • he is later seen shopping with a tall black-haired woman in Coop D'Etat before Brannigan pigs out
  • This episode has the Dunkin' Donuts pun .
  • The title is a pun on Suddenly Last Summer.

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