The Kat Kommander
Kid Vs Kat 1-23-2 (173)
The Kat Kommander in Fat Kat
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The Kat Kommander

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Fat Kat

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The Kat Went Back Part 2

future merge with Kat Kommander
Kat Soldier's protecting Kat Kommander

Kat Kommander is coward!

The Kat Kommander is the supreme ruler of Catnip.

He sent Kat to Earth for a secret mission of collecting Fishy Frisky Bits, create a way for his solders to invade Earth and returning to Catnip for the promised title of hero.

First seen in Fat Kat, he is shown in different episodes telling all the space Sphinx cats their missions. He always behaves brutally and mean with Mr. Kat for letting Coop Burtonburger foil their plans. Seemingly he might be an dictator or an emperor to the kats as he watches on screens how his soldiers invade and conquer other planets,as seen in Tickled Pink. He is having trouble with getting his son, Mr Kitten, to behave and thanks to Coop, Kat is stuck on earth