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27-2 - Tickled Pink
Season №: 2
Season episode №: 1B
Overall episode №: 54
Prod. no. 201
Original airdate: September 11, 2010
Director Rob Boutilier, Josh Mepham
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"Tickled Pink" is the 27th episode of Kid vs. Kat and the 1st episode of Season 2. It aired on September 11, 2010 after Something About Fiona.

Plot Summary

When Millie tickles Mr. Kat's 'tickle spot' he goes into a blissful state that renders him useless as an alien agent and when Kat's empire find out about him they send a robot to destroy Millie; Coop, Kat, and Dennis must work together to stop the robot from destroying Millie, and themselves.

Tickled Pink (Image Shop)


Dennis dressed up as Mille

Tickled Pink - RobotTickledpink-screenshot2


Tickledpink-screenshot4 Tickledpink-screenshot5 Tickledpink-screenshot3Tickledpink-screenshot8

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