Kid Vs Kat 1-5-2 (93)

Tom Kane is the voice actor of Burt here to Mr. BurtonburgrumpyPants to Pule Houser.

Tom Kane (born April 15, 1962) is a prominent American voice actor with over 25 years of experience. He is most widely known for his animation work. Notable role are Jedi Master Yoda and Admiral Yularen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars feature film and TV Series; The Chancellor in Tim Burton's 9, Magneto in Wolverine And The X-Men; Iron Man and Ultron in Next Avenger: Heroes Of Tomorrow; Linguini in Pucca; Burt in Kid vs Kat; Mr. Herriman, the House Manager in Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends; Lord Monkey Fist on Kim Possible; Professor Utonium and Him in The Powerpuff Girls; and Darwin, Eliza's chimpanzee sidesick in The Wild Thornberrys.

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