Little Evil Red Devil
Full name

Unknown on his planet (Agent 26-B may just be rank and serial number)
"Lou" by his adoptive owner Kyle Dustin on Earth

First appearance

Give The Devil His Due


"I am eternal, child... I am the eater of worlds, and of humans! And You, are, next!"

Played by

Geoffrey Holder
Kathleen Barr (When it comes to meows)

Last appearance

Eye of The Beholder

Lou was created by Ailuro Rhapsody on countless Wikis; he does a Kid vs Kat episode called, "Give The Devil His Due"; The little information we have on Lou is that he is, like Kat, a Catnipian, alien-cyborg cat only he is also half demon and it´s possible that he's one of The Devil's creations. Lou has red velvet skin, black eyes, horns, and three spikes on his back.

He grew up with several mental disorders during his childhood, making it difficult for him to fit in with "normal Catnipians". He was constantly bullied by his classmates for his disabilities and was ultimately deemed unsuited for a public school surrounding, so he switched to homeschooling. While he received plenty of support from his mother and older brother Phillip, his father was nothing but a negative influence on his son. Having lost himself to alcohol, drugs and gambling, Lou's father became increasingly abusive towards his family, especially Lou.

LOU - Human

Lou (human form)

When Lou was seventeen, he and his brother were involved in a tragic UFO accident that resulted in his Phillip's death. Lou's symptoms worsened greatly because of this; he lost his appetite for food, became even less social than before, and slowly began to lose his memories. On the night he returned from the hospital, Lou saw the Satan watching him from the street. Satan repeatedly stalked Lou wherever he went throughout the following weeks, causing Lou to have several visual and auditory hallucinations. Concerned for her own son's safety, Lou's mother brings him to a psychiatrist to help him cope with his post-traumatic stress disorder.

The next day Lou dreams of his brother's corpse followed by an attack by the Devil. As Lou walked down the stairs, he began hearing voices telling him to kill his father. He eventually couldn't ignore the voices anymore and has a complete mental breakdown. After a brief struggle with his father, Lou gained the upper hand and violently stabbed his father in front of his mother. In a desperate attempt to escape the Kat Kommander's soldiers, he set the neighborhood on fire as a distraction, but was quickly surrounded by the flames. Just as he was about give into his inevitable death, Satan teleports in front of him and saves him. Two weeks later, Lou's mother listened to a news story about the murders of several teenagers. The main suspect is Lou due to a farmer's pitchfork being found at the crime scene. This marked the moment Lou officially became Satan's servant. And his Satanic transformation has finally begun.

Lou can lure his victims into traps, as shown in his parody of Friends on The Other Side. He is slick, suave, and can be a charmer if he wants. But he's hiding a façade that is purely demonic.