The wedgie is a recurring gag in the series.

  • In a season 1 episode while being mind-controlled by Kat, Coop gives himself a wedgie.
  • In another episode of the season 1, Harley, who points out that Millie won't play the "Capture the Flag" game, she gaves a wedgie.
  • In Kickin' Butler when Coop grabs Dennis to stop him from being sucked through the portal, Dennis say he's being given an inter-dimensional wedgie,
  • In You Kat See Me an invisible Kat gives Coop a wedgie while he comes to greet Fiona when she arrives as a dinner guest. Although his underwear is visible to IRL viewers due to the side-profile shot, his hair probably prevented her or Millie from seeing it. Burt and Miss Brannigan are taller so it is less clear with them.
  • You Scream, I Scream features a quad-wedgie and the bully eventually is hung wedgied from a tree

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